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Why CCC Systems?

With CCC Systems you are not just another "doctors office". We only do billing for M&N providers and understand the specific needs of our clientele. Each provider we sign up is uniquely different. Because we are not a large billing operation we have the flexibility to deal with each provider as a person - not an account!

We also understand the M&N insurance market. You don't have to explain to us about two different Blue Cross provider numbers (one for the Federal Employee Plan) or the two different divisions of UBH. We stay on top of issues important to our providers. 

Along with the weekly authorization report we will send you, you will also receive a "info needed" report. If you send us services to bill that are lacking information we don't just file it. We request the information required to get you paid. It might be that your authorization has expired or that you have not completed the treatment note required by BHS and which should be attached to the claim. We are going to let you know immediately - not after the claim has been denied and weeks have past. 

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